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Administrative Committees

Information Technology (IT)

It is responsible for:

  • Working on all technology related projects related to Taekwondo as a sport or to the federation in terms of IT requiring projects.


It is responsible for:

  • Reviewing and examining plans, strategies and programs suggested outside the committees.
  • Developing programs to create new horizons that aim to improve the work of the committees and the federation.

International Public Relations

It is responsible for signing protocols with Arab and international countries and federations as well as embassies in order to build strong relations with the World Taekwondo Federation and the International Olympic Committee. 

Public Relations

This committee works with other committees to secure the necessary funding through an elaborated strategy.                         

It is responsible for:

  • Organizing invitations and performing religious and social duties.
  • Collecting prizes.
  • Setting the funding programs schedules.



It is responsible for monitoring the health status of athletes throughout the year.


It can be summarized as follows:

  • The committee responsible for getting sponsorships and funding from external sources or former players who wish to support the teams.
  • Local or external donors for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic program and future events.


 It is responsible for:

  • Organizing championships.
  • Insuring all the equipment, technology and material needed for the organization of local events.

Human Resources

It is responsible for the legal and financial statuses as well as the daily matters of the federation’s employees.


It is responsible for providing the players with their daily necessities to ensure the best preparation in the shortest period of time and at the lowest price.


 It is responsible for:

  • Fully and objectively examining the LTF’s system.
  • Ensuring that the LTF complies with the standards.
  • Adopting the adequate policies in handling the accounts of the federation.
  • Internal control.


  • Improving the performance of members, coaches and administrative officials.
  • Setting quality control of key performance indicators for better management.
  • Reinforcing the main operations and organizing them in order to attract funders and increase the number of supporters.
  • Annually elaborating strategies and setting goals and duly executing them.
  • Continuously following up and examining the work of the committees and clubs.
  • Working on limiting the number of complaints and setting reform plans and precautionary measures.
  • Enhancing the performance of players, clubs and administrative officials.
  • Drawing up and organized schedule of the administrative meetings where plans and emergencies shall be discussed.


It is responsible for privatizing the marketing strategies of the federation and joining forces with prominent companies in this field. Its work is interlinked with the press and media department.


It submits monthly legal reports to the federation.


 It is responsible for:

  • Writing press releases.
  • Following up with the sports press department.
  • Ensuring all the news are credible and true, and sharing them with the media.
  • Organizing the archives.
  • Agreeing with financing companies to fund the federation and the national teams based on the written, seen, and heard achievements.