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Technical Committees


 It is responsible for dealing with complaints and objections addressed to the federation. 


 It is responsible for:

  • Encouraging players to set achievable goals.
  • Receiving suggestions and recommendations from the federation or other significant parties.


 It is responsible for:

  • Organizing coaching/trainers sessions.
  • Training new coaches.

Demo and Technical Breaking

It is responsible for:

  • Organizing Taekwondo demos.
  • Working on technical breaking techniques and events.


It is responsible for:

  • Organizing Poomsae championships and refereeing events.
  • Spreading the culture of Poomsae.


It is responsible for:

  • Improving technologies in championships.
  • Organizing international refereeing sessions to increase the number of referees and widen their experiences


  • Promoting players to obtain their black belt.
  • Preparing and updating exams in Lebanon.
  • Enacting rules and standards for black belts to abide by.